DynaCentri: Platform as a Service

Published By: William Gill
Date: Oct. 11, 2020

I’ve been playing video games since I was around 12 years old, and sometime in 2013, my mother purchased Garry’s Mod, a multiplayer sandbox game developed by Facepunch Studios. I played this game so much that I currently have 973 hours of playtime logged on my Steam account. After playing this game for several years and running game servers and volunteer staffing other communities servers, I found that the biggest killer wasn’t just unfit server staff, but instead the cost of keeping a server online. Currently, server hosts will charge you based on the number of player slots you want, or they will charge you a fixed price for X amount of computing resources.

The recurring issue I see is that those server owners pay for more than what they get in return, or it’s just too expensive to maintain. So I set out to change this, and today that’s the DynaCentri Cloud Platform.

What Makes DynaCentri Diffrent?

Instead of your typical Cloud Service Providers like Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, or Skysilk, I charge you based on the resources consumed per-hour instead of a fixed rate for X amount of resources. Meaning you instead pay for the resource usage on a per-hour basis rather than the resource limits you set. To prove that this can save money, a Garrys Mod server community decided to move from NFO and try my platform; they ended up paying about $16 a month and got better performance then they did at NFO with between 4-28 players on the server at any given time during the day. Today I’m happy to say they are still one of my customers.

DynaCentri Cloud Platform