HyWire: My Private Cellular Network

Published By: William Gill
Date: May. 2, 2023

PROJECT STATUS: Work-In-Progress

Project Explanation

I was annoyed by the poor cellular service with full signal strength and still unable to load text only web page.

As my old job used to say, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.” (Oh look! A punny!)

Project Goals/Intentions/Ideas

This project aims to build a robust communications network capable of maintaining stable communications even in a disaster and help provide a network for IoT devices to use via 4G/5G cellular service and LoRaWAN.

The benefits of using HyWire include but are not limited to:

More will be added to the list as time goes on, and some may be removed from the list as the feasibility of the idea is tested.

I’ll be calling it Project HyWire; I like the name. It sounds cool. Hy (Henry) is also a measurement of electrical inductance.

Project Log

Log Entry: 2020/07/24 0642 | New Project Idea

Log Entry: 2021/10/15 0148 | Start New Project

Today I found out about the CBRS spectrum and that all I need to do is get CBRS CPI certification and open a SAS account for CBRS spectrum access.

Now to save up some money to purchase the Baicells Nova-243 and the rest of the equipment for deployment, for now, I will buy the Baicells Nova-277 to use for testing and development of my network.

I also found several open-source projects that I can use for the Baicells Nova-243 and Baicells Nova-277

Open Source RAN Software:

Spectrum Access Systems (SAS):

Log Entry: 2021/10/17 0524 | Publish Project on Blog

Log Entry: 2022/01/24 1057 | Project Hold

This project has been on hold for while as I was working two jobs. Now the focus is deployment of my Chicago datacenter and waiting on the release of the FreedomFi hardware for CBRS.

Log Entry: 2023/05/02 0720 | It is inevitable

Acquired a new-in-box Baicells Nova 233 off of eBay for $700. Opened a Google SAS account to use CBRS. Omni-directional antenna and coaxial cable is ordered.