US-EVI-1 Datacenter & Network Operations of

Published By: William Gill
Date: May. 2, 2023

PROJECT STATUS: Work-In-Progress

Project Explanation

When I first launched DynaCentri in April of 2020, I hoped to operate in my own data center, which would have given me more flexibility and offered more to customers. Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen wrath of COVID-19 in January 2020, in October 2022, I shut down DynaCentri Operations until the time is right to redeploy.

Contracts & Cross-Connects

As of November 2022, all contracts have been signed for rack space and our cross-connects to Tier 1 ISPs for IP transit.

We will be operating out of a Equinix CH3 Datacenter in Chicago.

Naming Conventions

The most critical naming scheme you’ll ever use and have to get right the first time.

For mine, I decided to use UN/LOCODE as the location code is specific to the city name using only five letters. I like this method over CLLI code as it’s simple to understand and read.

US Chicago 1 will be Equinix CH3 and labeled as US-EVI-1 for Elk Grove Village. Servers such as Plesk would become

While researching I found this blog post by which also happens to use UN/LOCODE and goes into much more detail and follows closely how I was already naming stuff before using UN/LOCODE.

Hardware & Procurment

For our Top-of-Rack (ToR) Routing & Switching we will be using MikroTik hardware for the time being. We will later add another router for redundancy and extra capacity.

Quantity Hardware Price
1x MikroTik Cloud Router Switch 326-24S+2Q+RM $499

For the servers, I have purchased several servers and will be adding more later.

Quantity Hardware Price
13x Dell PowerEdge R620 $350

March 2023: The Deployment

Engineering Intensifies

Engineering Intensifies

Project Log

Log Entry: 2022/04/19 | Datacenter Deployment

All hardware has been installed and ready to configure cluster.

Network is online and colocation customers have service.