Datacenter & Network Operations

Published By: William Gill
Date: Jan. 24, 2022

PROJECT STATUS: Work-In-Progress

Project Explanation

When I first launched DynaCentri in April of 2020, I hoped to operate in my own data center, which would have given me more flexibility and offered more to customers. I’m happy to say that it is on track for deployment by April of 2022, with the first location in Chicago, Illinois.

Joining us in the endeavor is Capitol Hosting Solutions LLC.

Contracts & Cross-Connects

As of November 2021, all contracts have been signed for rack space and our cross-connects to Tier 1 ISPs for IP transit.

We will be operating out of a Cogent Datacenter in Chicago and starting with two cross-connects with Cogent for upstream networking.

Hardware & Procurment

For our Top-of-Rack (ToR) Routing & Switching we will be using MikroTik hardware. We will later add another router for redundancy and extra capacity.

Quantity Hardware Price
1x MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2116-12G-4S+ $995
1x MikroTik Cloud Router Switch 326-24S+2Q+RM $499
1x MikroTik Cloud Router Switch 354-48G-4S+2Q+RM $499

For our company servers, we have purchased several servers and will be adding more later.

Quantity Hardware Price
13x Dell PowerEdge R620 $350

March 2022: The Deployment

Engineering Intensifies

Engineering Intensifies

Project Log

Log Entry: 2022/04/19 | Datacenter Deployment

All hardware has been installed and ready to configure cluster. Unfortunately the SFP transceiver is not working, have to order replacment.

Log Entry: 2022/05/07 | Datacenter Online

Replaced SFP transceiver and brought network online. Next task is to deploy the HCI cluster and Jelastic Nodes.